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Evaluation of the Organization:

Vision & Mission

Bombay Hospital & research Centre was founded on 2007 with a clear vision to be a medical institution dedicated to providing quality patient care with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence, patient safety and an unparalleled passion and community to assure the very best healthcare for those we serve. We aim to be a prominent community member known for meeting the healthcare needs of the entire community through incomparable patient care and wellness program.
BHRC’s mission is also to train to health worker, Mahila Arogya Samities, Aasha medical personnel in remote locations instandard treatment protocols required to provide quality RCH services and develop training packages that would provide these skill sets. We also aim to educate the general public on health awareness issue by launching initiatives.
Our mission at BHRC is to be a leading provider of high quality patient Focused health care that is readily accessible, cost effective and meets the needs of the communities we serve. We are committed to service excellence and continuous performance improvement. As a community health care services provider, we remain attentive to the health and well-being of people special focus on BPL and Poor Family’s through health education, outreach and other innovative services.

Governing Board 

Dr. S.K.Mishra, Managing Director and Chief orthopaedic

Dr. Mishra laid the foundation stone of Bombay Hospital in 2007 with a dream to bridge the gap between quality healthcare and its accessibility to every citizen of the community with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector, both as a leading orthopaedic surgeon and as a successful MD, having served in the public Sobhan Singh Jeena Base Hospital Haldwani as well as private domain, he aimed to create an institution  progressive in service to its patients and local communities and on the state level as a leader in healthcare issues. 

Dr. S.K.Mishra was chosen to lead the medical delegation at commonwealth games Glasgow Scotland for Indian contingent in year 2014. He stays with team for 21 days in commonwealth game of Glasgow. 

While Dr. Mishra is an MD. He is also a qualified Ortho Surgeon by profession and it is this combination of administering a hospital with a medical background that has always stood him in good stead in both these roles. He completed his medical graduation and post graduation from government Medical college Gorakhpur in 1989 and then dedicated the next decades of his life to become a highly- respected authority figure in uttarakhand’s medical Diaspora. He is molding BHRC to be a leader in providing quality, compassionate patient-centered care that seeks physical cures and comforts as well as peace of mind and peace of heart.

Head HR: Suniti Mishra
Head Of Finance: shambhavi Mishra
Head of Health & training Services: Ramya Mishra
Head of Accounts: Sunil Choudhary
Manager Operation: D.S.Negi
Recruitment & Purchase: P.S.Nagarkoti
Corporate Manager: Taranpreet Kaur

Bombay Hospital & research centre is 65 bedded hospital having Intensive care unit (Cardiac monitor, Ventilator, Central Oxygen system, Suction unit) for medical, cardiac, Pediatric, Neonatal, Trauma and Acute Emergency . It also provide ultra modern operation theaters equipped with Siemens C-Arm machine for conducting major interventional surgeries like joint replacement surgeries, Neuro surgeries etc. It was started in January 2008 with the objective to provide affordable quality specialized health services to the community and to improve health of women and children through its community services in Haldwani, the province of Kumaon region. Including health awareness and training of the health worker in hill areas.
multi super specialty Hospital and acclaimed implementation, training and research institute in the Kumoun Region.
It has demonstrated its wide expertise in health and related development sector. Over the years it has gained, both urban and rural health and development experiences.

System of Rotation Of Members

In our organization governing body already existed. In which there is no system of rotation of members.

Programmes of Organization

BHRC has care Group of in- house staff as well as external resource persons with recognised expertise in the area of training. The in-house personnel includes a multi disciplinary team of professionals. Senior faculty have extensive professional experience in health and development sector in India and with a large number of international organizations and with leading NGOs in the country.
The external resource persons are from academic and research institutions and senior officials of government of India, government Organization, Non- Governments Organizations and international facilities.
BHRC has the requisite audio-visual programmes, seminars and Workshops, focus on women health issues like reproductive health, sexual transmitted diseases (STD), adolescent health and development, in which officials of UN Agencies Bilateral multilateral Agencies, GOs, NGOs, CBOs and community  Members have participated.

Other Major Community Level Activities
Other Major community level activities done by the BHRC:

  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Children, Adolescent and Older People’s Health and Development
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health (Youth Focus)
  • Gender & Rights
  • Health Education to community
  • Community Sustainable Development
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Women Empowerment,
  • Poverty Alleviation

Geographical Working Area

Bombay Hospital and research centre is located at the foothills of the Kumaun hill range of Uttrakhand State, in the city of Haldwani. Although our main establishment, the 65 bed multi- specialty healthcare hospital, is based in Haldwani
We cater to all 13 districts of kumaun and Garhwal regions in various capacities of the medical field. We consistently do the Surgical Camp & Multi-Specialty camps in remote parts of our beautiful State to reach people who don’t have access to state of the art medical facilities. This entwines with our mission of accessibility and creating a space for distinctive patient care the camp details as under.

Surgical Camps-
Surgical camps organized in all 7 district of Kumaun and 2 District Garhwal region successfully under NHM from 2013-2014 to 2016-2017.
2013-2014 in Kumaun Region provide Surgical, gynae, laparoscopy and Eye operation.
in these camps total 547 operation done by different specialist in different district of Kumaun region.  
In year 2014-2015 we provide laparoscopy, surgical and  gynae operation  in all district of Kumaun region in which 2119 different operation done by different specialist.
In the year 2015-2016 our surgical team has done 424 operation in  different district of Garhwal region.

Multi Specialty screening camp-
Multi Specialty screening camp organized all 5 district of kumaun region Nainital, Champawat, Pithoragarh,  Almora  and Bageshwar.   
Total camps held from the month of Sep.2016 to Aug. 2017. 792 camps.
In these camp total 102683 (1 Lack two thousand six hundred eighty three) patient has been treated by different category specialist.

Urban Primary Health Centre-
BHRC have successfully run the UPHC under NHM programme in Nainital and U.S.Nagar district from August 2015 to may 2017.
Total seven UPHC was operated under the National Health Mission Uttrakhand.
We presently running 5UPHC’s in district Nainital under NHM programme.
We have organised health camps focusing on RCH and health awareness in the Nainital and U.S.Nagar district in coordination with chief medical officer of concerned district in the remote areas at there Primary health centres for last 8 years regularly.
The people of community of these areas appreciated our work.

We are also working under Rastriya Swasthya Bima Yojana from 2012 to 2015 year. and Mukhyamantri Swasthya Bima Yojana since 2015 to till Date.

Regularity of Governance process

At BHRC we believe Governance to be inseparable from our fundamental values and core competencies. We have a culture of open though and approachability at our organization, where every employee and our patients are encouraged to share their opinion and help us meet and exceed expectations. Apart from the quarterly governing body meeting and weekly meetings with all staff and monthly meeting ward members and PRI member of community, we have maintained a tradition of “Annual Conference”, where we look at our achievements of past year and set tangible goals for the next one.
A few guidelines listed below help us in our endeavor.

  • Understand and oversee continuous performance improvement.
  • Have candid discussions about what transformation means for the organizations.
  • Broaden compliance and enterprise risk management.
  • Strengthen organization capabilities to manage change.
  • Ensure development of patient and family engagement strategies.
  • Develop governance dashboards with “bifocal metrics” that assess today’s performance and shape future outcomes.
  • Encourage collaboration among providers to build the care system of the future.
  •  Actively oversee physician alignment, engagement and leadership development strategies.
  • Use results of community health needs assessment to set strategy.
  • Assess the capabilities of executives to lead transformations change.

Management System

  • Clarity & robustness

Beside providing multi specialty facility in the hospital BHRC doing health & another activities in Urban & rural areas successfully in regularly bases. The organization have different category of people for different work.

  1. Hospital manager
  2. MBA financial management person
  3.  IT & Computer expert with management degree  
  4. Public health Manager
  5. Training expert
  • Salary

Account department after confirming biometric system & Salary goes to employ Account directly after deducting ESI & EPF as per government. Leave as per standard government guidance. We recruit the person by advertisement & 3 Newspaper and selection of candidate is done by interview board of members.  
This hospital have a turnover of more then 9 Crore and net worth of 1.64 Crore in the financial year 2015-2016.

  • Organization annual report

For Balance sheet & profit and loss account Click Here....

Bombay Hospital & research Centre Haldwani,Nainital
Organization Detail

Dr. S.K.Mishra
Managing Director

Head of Finance Administration Head of  HR Administration     Head of Public Health & training
Miss Shambhavi Mishra
Mr. Sunil Choudhary
Mr. Shayam Singh

Mrs. Suniti Mishra

Mr. P.S.Nagarkoti
Miss Diksha Chand

Mr. D.S.Negi
Miss Taranpreet
Dr. H.S.Pangti
Dr. Mangeet Hora
Dr. Rakhi Pant
Dr. G.C.Joshi


Effectiveness of organizational leadership

The BHRC having multi specialist doctors for clinical work .

Urban primary health centre -
BHRC running successfully Urban health program under NHM in two district Nainital & U.S.Nagar in last two year August 15 to may 2017.

BHRC running Urban health centre programme in Nainital district since 15July 2017. In this program our teams has worked successfully and achieve Cent percent achievement in different programme.

  • A surgical and multi specialty screening camp under NHM is successfully completed in all 7 district of kumaun and two district of Garhwal in last three years.
  • The achievement of these camp as under.

Surgical Camps-
Surgical camps organized all 7 district of Kumaun and 2 District Garhwal region.

2013-2014 Provide Surgical, Gynae, Laparoscopy and Eye operation.
In which camp 547 patient has been operated .  
In 2014-2015 provide laparoscopy, surgical, Gynae operation.
Total 2119 operation done in different district of Kumaun region.
2015-2016 in Garhwal region.
Total 424 operation done by our surgical teams.

Multi Specialty screening camp-
Multi Specialty screening camp organized all 5 district of kumaun region Nainital, Champawat, Pithoragarh,  Almora  and Bageshwar.   

Total camps held from the month of Sep.2016 to Aug. 2017. 792camps.
In these camp total 102683 (1 Lack two thousand six hundred eighty three) patient has been treated by different category specialist. 
Our all health related programmes are audited successfully by the state audit team.

Financial Management system

Financial management function includes the following activities:

  • Evaluation and Planning: First and foremost, financial management involves evaluating the financial effectiveness of current operations and planning for the future.
  • Long-term investment decisions: although these decisions are more important to senior management, managers at all levels must be concerned with the capital investment decision process. Such decisions focus on the acquisition of new facilities and equipment (fixed Assets) and are the primary means by which business implement strategic plans; hence, they play a key role in a business’s financial future.
  •  Working capital management: An organization’s current, or short-term, assets, such as cash, marketable securities, receivables and inventories, must be properly managed to ensure operational effectiveness and reduce costs. Generally, managers at all levels are involved, to some extent, in Short-term asset management, which is often called working capital management.
  • Contract management: BHRC health services organizations negotiate, sign, and monitor contacts with managed care organizations and third party payers. The financial staff typically has primary responsibility for these takes. Bur managers at all levels are involved in those activities and must be aware of their effect on operating decisions.

Program Experience

  1. Community health program
  • BHRC is successfully running 5 Urban Primary Health Centres (UPHCs) in Nainital district with the support and Guidelines of  Health Department, Uttrakhand Govt with the objective of
    • To provide comprehensive (Preventive promotive, curative) health care delivery with focus on urban poor living in slums and other health vulnerable groups in the cities of Rudrapur, Haldwani and Ramnagar.  
    • To enhance capacities among city stakeholders to plan and implement urban health programs.
    • To strengthen linkages between communities and primary level health facilities and referral system from primary to secondary facilities.
    • To improve health status of the urban poor through increased coverage of key reproductive child health services and adoption of healthy behaviours.

Under the Programme the following services are provided

Maternal Health Services-

  • Promotion of Institutional & Safe deliveries
  • ANC/PNC, TT immunisation, IFA tablet consumption etc
  • RTI/STI Management

Child Health Services-

  • Routine Immunization
  • Provide support in Pulse-Polio Immunisation
  • Promoting early & exclusive breast feeding
  • Management of malnourished children by regular weighing in coordination with Aganwadis
  • Birth Registration

Family Planning Services-

  1. Identification of Eligible couples
  2. Promotion of Spacing & Terminal methods (e.g. distribution of OCP’s, condoms and IUD insertion)
  3. Free Laboratory Test provided in UPHC are
    • HB, TLC, DLC, ESR, Platelets, Malaria Parasite. Urine (Routine and Microscopic)Serum Cholesterol, Lipid Profile, Blood Urea, Createnine, Blood Sugar ,Typhoid Test for other communicable diseases, Pregnancy Test.

BHRC’s Training Programmes and Capacity Building
The organizations have team of person in different program on public health. Dr. H.S.Pangti retired NHM Nodal officer of different district work as a district trainer of Asha program U.S.Nagar for last 6 year. 

BHRC has undertaken several trainings and capacity building programmes in past years. Some of the major trainings and capacity buildings in the last years are:

  1. Orientation of 70 Mahila Arogya Samities on Reproductive Health , Child Health , Gender issues and other developmental issues
  2. Training and Capacity Building of 35 Auxiliary Midwife Nurse (ANM) on Health Related issues.
  3. Orientation of Local Bodies of Rudrapur and Haldwani Nagar Nigam on Reproductive Health, Child Health and Gender in
  4. Regular Capacity Building of Community Stake holders on various Health and developmental issues through outreach activities.
  5. Orientation of High Risk Community on Gender and HIV.
  6. Reorientation training of the staff.
  • Competencies / Potential  of the Organization

BHRC having all Specialty’s doctors working in hospital beside this the Organization have 4 retired senior health officer of PMHS of U.P & Uttrakhand government working in the field of NRHM then NHM in several year and successfully run the different national program in the different district and Provide training in different programs to health workers (ANM LHV staff nurse including ASHA’s of different district). These senior health officer have been the nodal officer of NHM in diffrent district and run the program successfully.

  • Having a suitable training site

We have manage a suitable training hall for 2 batches 40 Asha’s  with LCD projector for 40 person sitting & residential facilities with fooding, lodging and toilet  in Renowned hotel in National highway of Haldwani in Nainital District & Rudrapur in U.S.Nagar District.  

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